Team pitches – catchup session

Here’s where the team’s ideas have got to  – at around 12.00

rashban – gamify throwing away rubbish by turning the trash can into an actual monster and creating an app that gives you points according to what you throw away

Land Revival – encourage community projects and parks inside derelict and vacant sites using OS open data, and Edinburgh Council data – one website to see all the information you need

Edinbro – getting people together, help each other out, and bring their community closer together. Put up tasks, and carry out the tasks with a leader board of who is helping out.

Biodiversity app (maybe called FLY) – cool social media app to help parents and young people and learn about biodiversity, a challenge every day from easy to hard – with more points for each.  To make sure other folk can comment if it’s true of false. Also want to build heat maps to show where species have been found and build a heat map, that changes monthly

Shower idea has changed – now thinking about other services such as bike pumps and mapping where these are available

A bin that eats rubbish – working out how to use Arduino for this. 

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