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Code The City 18 – Xmas Mini Hack

We came together for a special one-day mini-hack on 14th December 2019.

There was no theme other than for participants to come along and work on something, have some fun and eat and drink together.

We expected that attendees would bring a pet project to work on; help someone out with theirs; do some paper prototyping (use Christmas wrapping paper for extra kudos); test their ideas, or finish that thing they started 6 months ago.

And that is pretty much what happened.

  • James and Kalin carried on where they left off at CTC17, working on a model for interpolating air quality sensor data in gaps between real ones, using satellite imagery.
  • Tom worked on building a legacy OS simulator.
  • Kevin roped a couple of people into building new sensor devices.
  • Naomi and Caitlyn tested a prototype tool to help people implementing IoT device deployments to ask the right questions.
  • Ian and Nate built a Raspberry Pi-powered remote control buggy.
  • Andrew worked on modelling the history of British railways using WikiData.
  • Bruce worked on learning and building some bar chart race code.
  • And Ian, Steve, Angela, Stephen and Mike worked on getting good quality data and images of Aberdeen plaques into wiki data, and building queries to visualise these on a map and as a time line.