Our cities are changing; life in our cities is changing. Access to services is one of the key benefits of locating in a city, but many services are difficult to access. Knowing that they exist, finding where they are, when they are, and who is involved can be a struggle.

We aim to fix that. We use tech and data for civic good. And we believe that a world where everyone understands at least a little of how to use code and data, is a better place.

At code the city you’ll help a passionate group of volunteers to build new tools and services to help people in your community access existing services and even start new ones.

We do our work through a range of activities ranging from workshops, to regular events, and an on-going series of hack weekends aimed at co-designing prototype solutions to various challenges. The ‘what we do‘ page details our work.

We have a dedicated team of volunteers organising events, and a wide pool of talented people from across the city coming along to help us achieve new things for the city.

You can read our 2017-2018 annual report to find out more about how we work to make open data work better for everyone.

You can read out 2018-2019 annual report to find out how we grew in our second year as a charity making open data more useful for everyone.