Code The City 11 – Bring a Hack to a Hack

<in a Noddy Holder voice> It’s Christmaaaaaas!! </>

Christmas gets earlier every year…… so we’re having our xmas party on 25/26 November.

And just like the best Christmas parties – even the ‘Bring A Party to a Party’ corporate outings –  we’ll have fun, food and drink, and presents ….. IF you are good girls and boys.

So it’s a Christmas hack?

Yes. The theme of the weekend will be Christmas but within that we’ll have activities around data, hardware, applications, service design. We’ll also be working on our own #aberdeenguide too so please fill in our survey to help.

Prizes (aka presents) will be awarded at the end (possibly from a fat, hairy man in a red suit.)


The event will run Saturday, 25 November from 9.00am to about 8pm, then Sunday, 26 November 9-ish to about 4.30pm. So, we encourage a good night’s sleep bewteen the days!

How can I get a present?

To get one you will have to impress satan santa. You can choose to either

  • Make him laugh
  • Make him cry, or
  • Take his breath away in some other way

Extra points will be awarded to the most sparkly, snowy, schmaltzy, funny, generous, ridiculous projects delivered over the weekend.

But, a ticket will cost £5 (*).

What do you mean, it’s not free? CTC is always free!

We’re breaking with tradition (established over the last 10 events) and charging a small amount for this one. The reason isn’t that we are capitalist pigs, nor that we need to fund our beer / Pepsi / Haribo habit. Simply, it is just our attempt to counteract what happened in the two most recent CTC events where we had higher than normal numbers of people booking free tickets and not showing up. That means we over-cater, and despite our best efforts we had left-over food, which is a bad thing and wastes money too.

So, by attaching a monetary value to your ticket (* backed up by our promise that you’ll get your nice crisp fiver back WHEN (if) you show up), we hope that you won’t be put off booking. Get your ticket here.

We hope to see you in your festive finery soon.

Ian, Steve, Andrew and Bruce.