CTC24 – Open In Practice

The theory of being open is great but what does it mean in practice to work openly, to make data, images, information and code open for others to re-use? And how could that benefit your organisation – or you as an individual?

At this hack event we will explore by practicing how we be more open and support some of the key concepts that Code The City was set up to champion.

We’ll have a number of challenges (which we will list further down this page and expand on as we get nearer the event). These will trigger prototype projects which we will work on in small teams throughout the weekend. These projects will explore

  • Open Data – creation, curation, finding, improving; data scraping; using the data to build new products and services.
  • Open Licensing – taking and sharing images with open licences
  • Open Working – sharing our code on Github for re-use under permissive licences.

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Format of the weekend

Whether you’ve attended hack events or not, there are lots of ways you can contribute (whatever your background and skill set), and you will find it really satisfying to work in small teams to gain new skills, try out new ideas and prototype solutions in a supportive environment. 

And of course, it will be fully online – we will be using Zoom and Miro so that everyone can interact throughout the event – so you don’t even have to journey to Aberdeen to take part.

Sat 27 November

  • 09:30 Introductions
  • 10:00 Identify potential projects, form teams
  • 10.30 Break-out sessions to familiarise ourselves with some of the tools and platforms
  • 11.30 Projects start
  • 12.30 Lunch (Grab some food and socially chat while you eat, or break away from the screens for a while)
  • 13:30 Projects continue
  • 16:30 Wrap up for day one

Sun 28 November

  • 09:30 Projects re-start
  • 12.00 Lunch (Grab some food and socially chat while you eat, or break away from the screens for a while)
  • 13:00 Projects continue
  • 15:30 Show and tell
  • 16:00 Event close

All timings are approximate at this stage.

Throughout the weekend we will have regular check-ins where we speak about our projects and hear what others are doing.

What happens over the weekend?

  • Identification of opportunities and barriers.
  • Ideation to address the opportunities and barriers.
  • Creation of project teams to work on the ideas.
  • Agile prototyping of solutions, so that by close of play Sunday we will have demonstrable solutions which could be developed into real world products or services

Candidate Projects

We already have a number of suggested projects which you may want to join us to help with. Alternatively you can bring your own ideas – or frame a challenge for others to work on.

As we have more candidate projects we’ll add them here.

Open Data Scotland

How do we continue work from the OD Bods project at CTC23 and the discussions at SODU2021 to improve the findabilty and usability of Open Data in Scotland?

Artists in the AGGM collection

Aberdeen Art Gallery is in the process of uploading 4000 or more images from their collection to Wiki Commons. How amazing is that? Which of the artists represented have a Wikipedia page? Which should have but don’t? Which of those pages would benefit by having an image of their work from AAGM’s uploads added to it?

AND …. which artists are represented on Wikidata? What needs improving – adding images, links to AAGM collection etc?

The Scottish Brickwork Archive

Scraping data (with permission) to create structured data which we publish on Wikidata as open, linked data.

The History of Birse

A mass transcription information, conversion to data and publishing that openly for re-use and analysis.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions please join our Slack community where you can interact with other attendees, ask the organisers questions or make suggestions.


Tickets are available now. Book today!

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Header photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash