View from above of excavation of skeletons in an archaeological dig

Code The City 14 – Archaeology Meets Data Science

Join us as we dig deep into the history of Aberdeen!  

In 2006-2007 an excavation took place of St Nicholas Kirk. It uncovered over a thousand sets of human remains, a rich collection of artefacts, and structural parts of the building going back over a thousand years.

Much of the post-excavation analysis and research is still ongoing.

Using photographs, paper records, some physical artefacts, and a 3D point-cloud data of a scan of the interior of the church, the aim of this weekend is to

  • create digital artefacts, and create prototypes to interact with, and visualise with the finds,
  • experiment with technologies such as 3D visualisation of remains, recovered articles and the building itself,
  • assist public understanding, deliver educational benefits and increase awareness of the archaeology and the Mither Kirk project.

Whatever your skills or background you can contribute to this exciting project.


If you sign up for the event you will be offered the chance of a private tour of the Mither Kirk excavations on 8th Sept at 10-11am, to see the building and the area of the excavation, which may aid your understanding of the modelling we hope to do.


The CTC14 event all happens on the weekend of 15th and 16th September 2018.


The main event will take place on the Aberdeen University campus.

Book Tickets

Tickets are now available on Eventbrite.

What will happen at the event?

  • We will begin with identification of opportunities and / or barriers. This will be led by the archaeologists and CTC staff.
  • Next we will assist you to generate ideas to address these.
  • You will form project teams to address an idea that you wish to work on.
  • The teams will go off to start to work through their approach
  • They will then report back regularly to the whole room on progress.  
  • At the end of the second day your team will have developed a prototype ‘solution’ to a challenge, or to put an idea into place.
  • We end with a show and tell of what has been developed

We capture and share all code and other digital artefacts created throughout the weekend. Where we create data we will make that available as open data.

Open Data

Where There is going to be a big push on #opendata this weekend. If you are not familiar with the concept, this is data which is made freely available, openly licensed for re-use by anyone, in neutral, machine-readable format.Once it is available then anyone (even you) can build anything you like with it – or reuse it in any way you fancy, even to start a new business!


The location of the building is at the foot of this email. If you don’t know the Fraser Noble Building, it is the one with a large white dome above it, and will be on the right as you approach the new Library (the big glass cube) from the High Street direction.

We will have signs on the doors, and up the stairs, pointing you to the room where we will be running the event. While there should be someone on the door to let you in, there will also be a phone number on the poster at the door if you can’t get in.

If you have mobility issues there is an alternative route instead of the stairs – and we can offer assistance if you need it. Just let us know when you arrive.


Parking is free in the carpark next to the Sir Duncan Rice Library (the unmissable glass cube), just off Bedford Road. If driving ensure that you approach from St Machar Drive to avoid the bus gate.


We’ll have juices, pastries and other breakfast goods available on both Saturday and Sunday morning on arrival.  There will be tea and coffee etc available all day. We will have sandwiches etc from the Bread Maker for lunch on both days.  And we will get pizza delivered at Saturday tea time. We’ll note any dietary issues you tell us about, and aim to cater for those.


The event proper gets going at 9.30 but please get there by about 9am if you can, so that you can fuel up. We will be there from about 08.30. We normally finish up on Saturday about 7.30pm if you can stay that long.

And we normally start a little later on Sunday morning. We will confirm that before you leave on Saturday. We will finish up late Sunday afternoon following a show and tell.

This is a weekend event. Participants will get the most out of it by attending for the full weekend, and teams work most effectively if they are clear on what commitment attendees are able to make to attending. We have three classes of tickets – weekend, Saturday or Sunday. Please choose the type which matches your availability to commit.

What to bring?

We will have loads of stationery (inc. post-its, paper, pens and other materials) for ideation etc.

If you are a coder, developer, designer, video-editor or similar, then please bring a laptop which contains the software you will need. There will be wifi.

If you want to shoot video or take photos for blogging, please bring your equipment.

Otherwise, just come as you are with a willingness to take part and learn from everyone else there. Each of us always learns new skills at these weekends. If you want to bring a laptop or tablet too, that’s fine.

Social Media

If you are a Twitter user, please follow @codethecity and tweet about the event using the hashtag #codethecity.

Please feel free to write about your weekend on Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium or the platform of your choice.

Finally, if we have missed anything, please let us know!

Ian, Steve, Bruce and Andrew

Code The CIty