Code The City 06 – History Jam

The History Jam, the 6th Code The City event,  took place on 19-20 March 2016 at Aberdeen University.

This weekend of activities built on the projects and outputs of CTC5.

You can read a full update on the weekend here.

The aim was to bring Aberdeen’s history to life, and create a 3D virtual reality map of a square mile of Aberdeen’s city centre. Our teams gathered data from a variety of historical sources, transcribed that and created new open data. Some of this was imported into the the 3D model.

This was not one of our usual hacks, whatever that is! This time around instead of attendees proposing problems to be worked on, we set the agenda, we helped form the teams, and we provide attendees with more guidance and support.
All participants received a year’s free membership of the Open Data Institute.
If you are interested you can see the proposed structure of the weekend here.