Code The City 01


Our first hack weekend under the Code The City banner took place in Aberdeen on 21st -22nd June 2014.

We had no specific theme – just a realisation that our cities are changing, and life in our cities is changing too. Access to services is one of the key benefits of locating in a city, but many services are difficult to access. Knowing that they exist, finding where they are, when they are, and who is involved can be a struggle.

Our aim was to fix that.

We brought together a passionate group of volunteers to build new tools and services to help people in your community access existing services and even start new ones.

This was perhaps the best-blogged weekend we had – so there are many posts throughout the two days of the hack which you can read by following the tag CTC1.

If you time to read only one update then try this summary post from the end of the weekend.