CTC29 – Health

CTC29 – which is all about Health –  takes place on 17-18 June 2023 at the ONE Tech Hub, Schoolhill and online. We’ve teamed up with NHS Grampian and the University of Aberdeen to make this one of our biggest events in quite some time.

If you have never been to a hackathon before or are interested in knowing more about the projects previously tackled then please check out our hackathon overview page.

Book now at https://ti.to/code-the-city/ctc29 

Who should attend?

Anyone! Despite our name, coding is only a part of what we do.

It’s essential that we have subject area specialists. In this case that might be doctors, nurses, physios, the care sector, university or college lecturers, those in the industry, pupils, students and those who work in research or policy. And those who have less formal roles too.

Of course, coders, data wranglers, designers and other techies are important to a hack weekend.

Once we have some challenges posed, we’ll create projects and teams to work on them over the weekend.


We will have a number of challenges: one of which to work collaboratively to solve – or you can suggest your own ones. 

Already we have some challenges posed around physical activity and rehabilitation. These include the potential of tech (apps and wearables) for supporting:

  • home (rehab) exercises – delivery and progress tracking
  • active accessible travel
  • healthy ageing (e.g. falls prevention)
  • self-management of chronic conditions
  • mental health / wellbeing related to PA and rehab

We’ve started this document to which more challenges will be added soon. You can add yours now!


This event will be run as a physical event, with online attendance options. 

We’re working on finalising the exact format but the weekend will resemble this:

Saturday 17th June 2023

  • 09:00 Open for breakfast
  • 09:30 Introductions
  • 10:00 Identify potential projects, form teams
  • 10.30 Break-out sessions to familiarise ourselves with some of the tools and platforms
  • 11.30 Projects start
  • 12.30 Lunch 
  • 13:30 Projects continue
  • 17:00 Wrap up for day one (TBC)
  • 17:30 Pizza and drinks for those who stay
  • 19:00 or earlier – close of Day 1

Sunday 18th June 2023

  • 09:30 Breakfast
  • 09:45 Projects start
  • 12.00 Lunch 
  • 13:00 Projects continue
  • 15:00 Show and tell
  • 16:00 Event close and clean-up.

Throughout the weekend we will have regular check-ins where we speak about our projects and hear what others are doing. 


As a charity we aim to encourage all to attend our events – and to make the barrier to attendance as low as we can make it. We also have to consider our costs of administration. We’ve introduced a range of tickets to make attending as easy as possible. These include weekend physical space tickets (for the best experience), single day physical space, and online tickets. Pricing is flexible with suggested and minimum prices.

If cost is a barrier to you attending please get in touch and we can issue you with a ticket at no cost, no questions asked. 

You can book a ticket now at https://ti.to/code-the-city/ctc29 

By signing up for this hack weekend, you agree to our Code Of Conduct.

Image by Freepik