Code The City 05 – Culture

Codethecity five took place over the weekend of 24 / 25 October 2015, and was themed around culture.

Around 40 volunteers worked on some great projects. You can catch up with events on the #CTC5 tag here. That also includes the final presentations, but you can go straight to the Youtube playlist for the event. .

You can find more on twitter hashtag #codethecity, on our eventifier page and on github.

We’ve created a wiki which had project ideas, a call for project suggestions, and a schedule for the weekend.

This was our first event to feature an Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2 Virtual Reality headset, which Andrew Sage brought and which was used to help build virtual worlds.

Read more about it on medium

You can find out more about the previous events on tumblr, on the eventifier, and on flickr.