By the end of Sunday you should aim to have the following in place to document your project at Codethecity

  • Github repo associated with the codethecity organisation account
  • Your code pushed to the repo
  • A descriptive README in the root of the repo

The README will ideally contain the following sections:

  • TEAM : A list of your team members
  • CHALLENGE : A very brief overview of the problem you are tackling
  • RESULTS : A screenshot / diagram / photograph of your project, and a brief explanation of what you did
  • LINKS : Links to any demos, videos, blog posts etc… about your project for people to find out more. Especially interesting are progress reports, results of any research you have done, lists of similar apps, etc…

If you don’t have any code as such, still create a repo and your report README file. Ask another team for help if you are unsure how to do this. The README doesn’t need to be long and complicated. Take 10 minutes to create a draft, don’t sweat the details. You can always fix things later. 

If you have video, text, photos that you would like to post direct to the codethecity tumblr or one of our other channels please just ask.

3PM – Demo your project

By now you should have your README in good shape. Just like the progress updates throughout the day, we’d love to hear what you’ve ended up with. Time limited, we want the headlines of…

  • where you started, 
  • what you did, 
  • what you learned, and 
  • what you would do next if you could pick the project up again.