Scribes say hello

Our final team profile is of… well, the people who have been ‘between’ teams!

Angela, a student of interactive media, is very interested in coding and came here to learn from others and help out where she can.  She became interested in technology after completing a Computing for the Totally Terrified course, and has progressed her skills from there.

Rowan, an admin professional, has been doing some tweeting and blogging on this Tumblr.  She’s also been checking in on the teams, asking them about their projects and providing a new perspective, and in the latter stages of some projects she has been lending her CSS skills to ensuring the finished projects look good as well as work well.

Sarah, who does PR and photography; and Erin, a contracts administrator for an IT company have been tweeting, photographing and interviewing the teams about their projects.  We’ve also been publishing updates on here too. (We don’t code!)

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