Good morning!  It’s day 2 of CodeTheCity.

For those of you who have just joined us, we’ve been here in the Meston Building all day Saturday and we’re back again today.

CodeTheCity is an exercise in civic hacking – that is, building new tools and services to allow local people to better access all types of community resources.   We have eight projects currently in progress, and we’ve just heard from each of the teams about their progress.

#MatchTheCity reported that they completed the prototype of the database back end yesterday,  sources of data have been identified and some have been imported for testing.  By the end of today, they’re hoping for a usable version to be available online.

#BigSociety are building an app to match volunteers with opportunities.  The matching system is now operational and the next step is to introduce the ability to add community events to the system.

#ActiveAberdeen indicated that they now have a system for posting events that is active.  They’re in the process of testing and refining, and they hope to have something to show at the 3pm show-and-tell!

#Oranj are validating input into their request form.  They have developed a site for customers to be able to view the jobs that they have requested.

#JuicyWords have created a calendar that is now ready to be populated with activity days.

#RosettaRoot are working on the UI for matching the two other projects together.  Things are progressing well.

#GoWithFlo are working on a site which would be populated by volunteers, allowing easy read summaries of top news stories, and using a Flickr API which would allow pictures to be matched with these stories.  A more ambitious version of this proposal would auto-summarise the stories, and pictures would be auto-matched with the articles.  A volunteer would be able to check and edit the stories before posting.  The team are hoping to have the modest version to show later on.

#FOIAWiki have their linked data reporting.  The data from East Lothian is now usable and about half the Aberdeen data is also at that stage.

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