Team #gowithflo update

Team #gowithflo, named after Flo from the Info Hub who visited earlier, are concentrating on accessible web content.

Their efforts are still at an early stage, but potential deliverables from this team include a consolidated set of accessibility guidelines for web developers.

Flo had described the needs of some of the people that she works with, and the team indicated that some of these were requirements that they hadn’t thought about.  To follow from this, #gowithflo are also considering creating new ‘personas’ that can be used when designing a website.  As it was explained to us, a persona is an example person that a web designer can consider, and imagine using their website, thus ensuring a website meets the needs of its users.

At the moment, it’s possible that a website that is designed with someone with a visual impairment in mind might not be suitable for someone with learning difficulties, a low reading age, or difficulties using a mouse or keyboard.  Creating these personas may help future websites include these people.

If they don’t exist already, it was identified that a WordPress theme that is specifically designed around accessibility needs may help organisations/centres that do not have a web developer to produce accessible content.

Currently, team #gowithflo has the following line-up…

Mark, who does IT for community centres

Martin, who is a software developer (& also creates hardware prototypes)

and Alan, who is with Code For Europe at Edinburgh City Council.

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