Lightening updates

Lightning updates from our teams:

#GoWithFlo has created and tested several hypotheses. They have established that there are good accessibility guidelines already available but feel that the council website is not easy to read. They intend to build an accessible, Easyread WordPress blog for local news and events.

#ActiveAberdeen has done its first prototype, created a basic test version and asked for user feedback on this. Feedback has been good so they are now harvesting more data with which to populate their app.

#BigSociety has decided to focus on volunteer matching. They are currently building an app. Their next step is to get the data with which to populate it.

#FOIAWiki has an ontology and database and almost have data. They know what they are looking for and how they intend to organise it.

#Oranj, #JuicyWords and #RosettaRoot are in the process of building their app to simplify matching translators to jobs. Several pages have been built including a login, calendar and search form. They have also been designing a “juicy” logo.

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