Women code

Tech Tribe

On 4 March 2020 we start ‘Aberdeen Tech Tribe’ which is a programme to help women get back into STEM employment and education.  It runs twice-monthly in the ONE Tech Hub on Schoolhill where we are based.

We are grateful to The Data Lab not only for providing the sponsorship which will help make this happen, but also for our other activities such as our monthly Data Meetup, which is fantastic.

We launched the programme yesterday (28 Jan 2020) and by 11 am today we were already oversubscribed. You can still register, and be put on a waiting list, on this form which our partners ONE Codebase set up and administer: https://codebase.typeform.com/to/Dlxla8.

Our first intake will be limited to ten attendees.  We hope to be able to increase our capacity as we get more mentors onboard. If you would like to volunteer as a mentor please get in touch. We use the STEM Ambassador programme to to ensure that all of our mentors are PVG-checked.

Our sessions initially cover

  • Coding in Python
  • Building websites in HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Blogging, newsletters, design
  • Developing business models
  • Collaborative working online with tools e.g. Trello, Slack and Google Suite

We’ve also asked those registering for any specific areas of interest and we will take a flexible approach to the design and content of what we deliver.

Header photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash