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This page contains links to useful resources for those attending our Aberdeen Tech Tribe  sessions.  It will always be available at the following short URL (address) If you see a broken link, let one of the mentors know! and we’ll fix it.
This covers
  • Building websites in HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Coding in Python
  • Blogging, newsletters, design
  • Developing business models
  • Collaborative working online with tools e.g. Trello, Slack and Google Suite

How to build as basic website

  • a guide to setting up a WordPress blog, buying a domain, hosting the site, and tweaking its design

How to build webpages in HTML and CSS

The web is built on HTML and CSS.

The W3 Schools have great resources:

Similarly, the Code Academy has great content on HTML, CSS and loads more. Some courses are Pro (ie paid for ) but most are free to access:

Also, Udemy has a 6-hour free HTML / CSS course with exercises:

Add some Javascript

Javascript is a very popular language underpinning many websites. It adds functionality and interactivity  to HTML and CSS.
Javascript Logo
Javascript Logo
You can learn more on these sites:
Here are a bunch more Javascript projects to test your skills
  • MV Code projects:

User Experience Design

If you want to focus on ‘how’ someone experiences a website, or app on their mobile, then you should also look at how all of these components on the screen come together. That is UX or user experience.

  • Usability Geek is a good resource to find articles on the topics as well as tools that will help you.

What is coding or programming?

When people speak about coding or programming what do they mean? This video is a simple introduction.
This further video, “What is Code” gives you a little more explanation.
What goes on inside a computer? Find out here.
Computers operate using Algorithms. What is an algorithm?
One popular algorithm in computing is the sort algorithm. How could you sort the books in a library with an algorithm?
This beginners guide to coding has some useful resources.

Programming in Python

Python is a powerful, yet easy to learn language that is used is every field of science. If you’ve outgrown Scratch, we suggest trying Python!
Python logo
Python logo

The W3 Schools have some useful python tutorials:

Automate the boring stuff!

Al Sweigart created a great book called Automate The Boring Stuff With Python. 

Editing python code

There are loads of code editors for Python. We’ve installed the MU code editor on our Tech Tribe laptops. While this is aimed at beginners it is a very useful editor in its own right. Look for the logo
Mu Editor Logo
Mu Editor Logo

Blogging, newsletters, design


Developing business models


Collaborative working online with tools e.g. Trello, Slack and Google Suite



Understanding data is a key skill that we all need. Here are some excellent resources to get started.

Moving onto Computing

After you’ve worked you way through the above, you’re probably ready to look at computing science concepts. You can find a list of online courses on offer from many leading universities.

Freecodecamp offer a list of 450 Ivy League courses – all for free.

Header image by Chris Ried on Unsplash