End of day show and tell – Edinburgh

Failed with Skype to Aberdeen.  We are all sad. The show must go on!

Monster bin is having problems with Arduino – lots of debugging going on! Front end illustration is moving along, with lots of monster faces to fit different styles of bins, involving QR codes for individual bins. They are also working on scanners. we’ve tweeted the latest designs!

Land Revival – have accessed data available from Edinburgh Council open data and mapped using Google Maps to demonstrate where the available land is in the city.

Cyclist community project – developing a guide to services for cyclists

Fly – demo of  framework for apps with leader board and the daily challenges to find animals and plants. Their Quest room is currently including man eating fish and giant killer flowers  – you have to take a selfie with your challenge! The design needs to be really nice with a clean interface (I am quoting)

Edinbro – mostly working on back end, creating an api to make requests. Hoping to have the website with some functionality tomorrow!

That’s it from Edinburgh – it’s been a great day here.

Last minute show and tell – Edinburgh

Alan Gardner has been cleaning up Edinburgh Council data (which is nice) but has come up with an approach to make regular expression changes for common issues on data sets. Just mocked up at the moment it would be a great tool for anyone cleaning data! Alan is going to work on this tomorrow too and is keen to hear from anyone who is interested in this.