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Volunteering With Us

At Code The City we are always looking for opportunities to work with volunteers.

We recognise that this not only helps us to delivery on our charity’s aims, but also helps the volunteers themselves.


Whatever your skill-set or area of interest we can help your self-development and assist you to boost your CV. Here are some examples:


Are you interested in blogging, photography or making videos? At every event our aim is to capture everything that we do – to record what impact we made – and to show the teams’ achievements.


We always need be on top of how we reach out to existing and new audiences. This involves traditional channels such as email, but also using social media in creative ways.


We need strong technology skills at our events. We encourage teams to use Github to share their projects’ code and artefacts. Sometimes this needs some hand-holding of new users.

Also, helping moving people beyond tools such as Excel to use more powerful data products can deliver big productivity boosts. Some of this might be just being on-call at an event, being there when someone gets stuck. Or – maybe it involves gathering a group into a huddle for a quick demo or informal teaching session.

Everything else

These are just a few specifics of how you could help, but there is much more you could do: from making teas and coffees, picking up catering order, or checking people in at the door, to tidying up at the end of the day. All these have a value to the smooth running of the weekend, and all give you great opportunities to meet other participants.

What you can get from volunteering

As a volunteer you will be giving back to the event, and knowing that you were part of delivering the social purposes of our work with others. But you will also get

  • Experience to put on your CV
  • The gratitude of the organisers and other attendees
  • A much-envied “I volunteer at Code the City” t-shirt
  • A sense of satisfaction from making a difference
  • Help to develop your own skills

We are also looking how we can work with local educational establishments to give you credit for the work you do. Watch this space!

How to get involved

If you would like to become a CTC volunteer, just get in touch using the form below. Please use the Interests box to tell us what you are interested in, and at which event.  We’ll then be in touch.