CTC event

An introduction to Wiki Media tools (Wiki Commons, Wikidata and Wikipedia) for local history

Our Trustee and co-founder Ian Watt will be presenting at the Aberdeen City Libraries’ Local History Conference on Saturday 13th February. His co-presenter will be Dr. Sara Thomas of Wikimedia UK.

The presentation will start at 1.10pm and last for half and hour.

If you are attending the conference using the Whova app, you should be able to join the presentation from our virtual booth;  we’re listed under sponsors.

If you have any difficulties you should be able to join directly from this link.

The talk will cover the work that Code the City have done with Museums, Galleries, Archives and Libraries in Aberdeen; how we’ve used the Wikimedia suite of platforms and our method of hack events; how we’ve organised volunteers on a large scale; and what we could do for other organisations.

After the talk the slides will be published here.