Policy for reducing the spread of infectious diseases

Local Guidance

At the time of writing (September 2022) there are no restrictions on gatherings set by the Scottish Government. While there are no legal obligations for Code the City as event organisers to comply with, we recognise that there are practices we can put in place to help protect attendees of our events, and we hope may alleviate some concerns around attending an in-person event. We recognise that the situation may change, and these policies may be updated at short notice to reflect any new guidance should they arise.

Face Coverings, Rapid Testing and Vaccinations

We welcome our attendees to continue wearing face coverings at our events and hope they feel comfortable and welcomed to do so. However, we recognise that this is a personal choice, and that some may be exempt from wearing a face covering, as such we will not reject any individual from the event for not wearing a face covering.

We also recommend that attendees take a rapid test within 24h of attending an event to identify if they may be asymptomatically carrying the virus. However, this is not a requirement, and we will not be requesting confirmation of this test, and we will not reject any individual from the event for not having taken this test.

We recommend that attendees have up-to-date vaccinations against COVID-19, however we will not be requesting confirmation of vaccination and will not reject any individual from the event for not being vaccinated.

These recommendations will be present in our pre-event communication (email) to individuals who have registered for a ticket for the event.

Cleaning and Hygiene

We will work with our venue providers to ensure the venue is cleaned, and all surfaces disinfected at the start of each event or day of event. Sanitising wipes will be available throughout the venue to allow attendees to wipe down surfaces throughout the day if they wish to do so. 

There are toilets with handwashing facilities in the venue, and we will have signs at the venue encouraging and recommending attendees to wash their hands regularly. We will also provide hand sanitizer and disposable face masks displayed prominently throughout the venue to encourage attendees’ usage.

Social Distancing, Crowd Control, and Ventilation

Our in-person events are capped at 100 persons for larger rooms / areas, and 30 for smaller areas. We may open windows in the venue where possible to encourage fresh air circulation in the venue. All attendees will have registered with their name and contact details to obtain a ticket to attend the event. 

We recommend that attendees maintain some distance between themselves, and to avoid handshakes where possible, however this is up to personal discretion and will not be enforced by the event organisers.

We kindly request that attendees who feel unwell or have any symptoms of illness, however mild, do not attend the event. In the event a person attends an event, and also suspects they might have symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you contact the organisers immediately so that we can help in any way possible, and also inform other attendees that they should monitor themselves for possible symptoms. 

Hybrid event

We recognise that not everyone may be comfortable with an in-person event, as such we will be streaming and recording some parts of our events. Due to the setup of the venue, we are not able to provide virtual conferencing capabilities for the entirety of all event. However, we will do our best to set up technologies which allow virtual attendees to both listen to and participate in an event as it happens.

We welcome any request for accommodations if we can make the event a better experience for you.


If we are notified up to 14 days after the event that an attendee has tested positive for COVID-19 and was likely infectious at the event, we will inform all attendees of this by their provided email contact. As this is a ticketed and registered event, we will have the contact information of all persons present at the event. 

We recognise that we cannot fully prevent the spread of COVID-19 at our event, but we will endeavour to keep everyone timely informed if we have reason to believe that the virus may have been present.

We understand and appreciate that despite these efforts, participants may still be cautious of attending an in-person event organised by Code The City. If there are any further accommodations we can make to alleviate these concerns, please let us know at info@codethecity.org