Code The City currently has five trustees.

Ian Watt

Ian is an active champion of Open Data, having led Aberdeen to be the first Scottish Local Authority to publish any open data. Ian won two national UK awards in 2013: SOCITM Member of the year and the UK Local Government Category of 2013’s Digital Leaders 50. Ian was shortlisted in the Wikimedia UK awards in 2029 and 2020. He was shortlisted in the Open UK awards 2021. Ian was a non-exec director of Democracy Club from Nov 2017 to Sept 2022. 

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Bruce Scharlau

Bruce is Senior Teaching Fellow in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen. He is very active in the community, organising events throughout the year including Play4Agile and facilitating the open space at agile events.

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Andrew Sage

Andrew, a graduate from University of Aberdeen, is a developer and creative with an interest in rapidly turning ideas into workable prototypes. Currently undertaking a part time distance PhD in Business Management History, via University of York, looking at 1970s Megaprojects. Completed a MA in Railway Studies via University of York. As a historian he enjoys finding ways to use data to bring the past to life.

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Karen Jewell

Karen is a Data Scientist and former Business Analyst, with plenty of experience in using data to solve organisational challenges. She is based in Edinburgh and thoroughly enjoys the highly collaborative nature of Open Source projects.

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Jack Gilmore

Jack is a full stack software developer with experience of working in the public sector and academia. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Computing Science and Spanish from the University of Stirling in 2019. As an advocate of free and open-source software, many of the projects he has worked on either consume or produce open data. Jack took a lead role in creating and developing Open Data Scotland (for which won the Young Person award at the 2022 Open UK awards). He also makes use of his skills with GIS datasets, helping to create OpenWasteMap, a web application which uses data from OpenStreetMap to display recycling centre locations, their accepted materials and opening hours.

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