Codethecity 3 – Community

Code The City 3 – Community Information – 7th and 8th February 2015.


Following on from the success of the two events we ran in 2014, we now invite you to get involved in the first of 2015.


The City Council, the local Health Service, and multiple organisations in the public and 3rd sectors all store and present information on local groups, associations, clubs and societies, in various ways.

This poses challenges for the organisations, for those supplying the data, and for the public who need access to it.

All of these data stores are managed independently. The information – which held in a variety of systems – can be significantly different, the frequency of updates not synchronised, and the means by which it is collected non-standard.

For local groups the burden of providing the information to multiple data custodians, and sign-posting services, can be considerable.

And for service users? Well, the challenge of finding trusted, accurate, up-to-date information that meets their needs can be daunting. You Google a query and it returns four listings for the same organisation, with different email addresses, phone numbers, address or contacts ….. You get the picture!

The challenge

Whether you are a service user (seeking to find and make use of information), a representative of a club or society, someone who works in the Health sector, local government, or the 3rd sector – or whether you are a coder, data-wrangler, CSS-monkey, UX expert, or service designer – we want you to work together to improve things.

You really don’t have to know how to code HTML or write a SPARQL query for an API to attend (although we certainly won’t turn you away if you can!)

We want you to share your own unique skills and experience.

What you will do

You will workshop solutions to this data challenge, look at how we can more effectively use local data, enhance it, make it easier to navigate or to visualise it, link it with other data sources, add to previous work we’ve done at CodeTheCity, build new applications and have some fun in the process.

In return, we’ll show you new techniques for service design, idea generation, prototyping, and rapid iterative application development – and you will show others some tricks. too.

You might even get a Tshirt, a goodie bag and the best catering of any weekend workshop in the city!

To book a free ticket visit our Eventbrite page.

But be quick, tickets will go swiftly!

You can find out more about the previous events on tumblr, on the eventifier, and on flickr.

If you have any questions please get in touch.