Hackathon Tools

We are building a list of useful tools for our hack weekends. We’ll add to this over time.

If you have a favourite that we have missed, let us know!

Version control and sharing what we do

Git / GitHub

At Code The City we work in teams. There is a need to be able to not only share code between developers as it develops, but to share assets (e.g. documentation, design elements) across broader teams. Also, our projects are Open Source i.e. anyone can pick up what we do, refine it, improve it or take it in a new unexpected direction. Running Git on our laptops, and using GitHub for online sharing are key parts of that. This video introduction is quick way to understand how both Git (the installed software) and GitHub (the sharing platform) works.



A free, open source, power tool for working with messy data. There is a tutorial here and another below.


Dashboard your data.

( There is a tutorial of using Refine and Data Seed here.)

Monkey Learn Entity Extractor

Automatically identify people, organizations and locations from blocks of text.

OpenUp Data Enrichment Service

Use semantic technologies to enrich data. (see also Monkey Learn, above)  More of an explanation here.


Effortlessly convert your PDF Table to Excel online here, quickly convert any PDF to XLS for free. Seamless and hassle-free – why not give it a try now.

HPE Haven On Demand

Haven OnDemand provides over 20 different API’s including: OCR, Sentiment Analysis, Barcode Recognition, Search and many more.


A suite of tools including Data Wrangling, Data Mining, Data Viz, Data Workflow.


A web-based scraping tool from OpenAustralia. Write scrapers in Ruby, Python or PHP


Extracts tabular data from PDFs. Runs under Windows or Mac. Needs Java. See also: http://schoolofdata.org/2014/03/27/tackling-pdfs-with-tabula/


Available via GitHub, soon to be made available as a hosted service


A free web-hosted service that promises further (maybe paid for) features. Looks like a great Help section with support, webinars etc.

Other Tools

We’ll add design, frameworks and other resources here.